People of Praise Tampa

For the Glory of God!

People of Praise Tampa

For the Glory of God!

About Us

poplogo2009smallThe People of Praise is a Christian covenant community with 21 locations in the United states, Cananda and the Caribbean, and over 3,000 men, women and children. The People of Praise was founded in October, 1971 in South Bend, Indiana. The community has its roots in the charismatic renewal and in the liturgucal, ecumenical and Cursillo movements.

The People of Praise has an ecumenical character, and members belong to many Christian denominations. All members are committed to participation in their churches, and some are ordained clergy.

Major services and outreaches of the People of Praise include: Trinity School, The Center for Christian Studies, Action, Christians in Mission, Charismatic Renewal Service, Christians in Commerce, and more.

The People of Praise Tampa branch was started in July, 1983 and our members live and work throughout the Tampa Bay area.

If you would like more information about People of Praise, please contact us.


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